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A fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds, and Emergency Medical Services takes care of 22 million patients a year. Yet, first responders don’t let risks stop them, nor do they expect any ‘repayment.’ In honor of those who perform heroic feats in emergencies and disasters, National First Responders Day was created.

This year, the employees of Energy Services South celebrated by doing the unexpected for a local group of first responders.

They became ‘responders’ themselves—honoring all their area first responders— by serving 45 of them in Sumter County, Alabama hot meals and offering each of them a small token of their appreciation.

In truth, the benefits we reap from these amazing workers who lay their lives on the line daily are innumerable. Energy Services South, an oil & gas pipeline construction company believed that honoring them for one day was the least they could do for the ongoing bravery of these committed men and women.

Energy Services South, LLC (ESS) is a nationwide pipeline contractor. ESS has an excellent reputation while growing from a small pipeline construction company in Alabama to its current national footprint. ESS has continued its geographic expansion and has proven its ability to successfully compete for and execute larger projects. The acquisition by PLH Group with its strong financial backing in 2012 enabled ESS to further their capabilities taking on major cross country pipeline projects.