The Pipeliner Diner ready to serve hot lunches!

As recovery efforts from Hurricane Laura were in full swing, electric transmission and distribution crews from across the country were working hard to restore power to thousands of customers across Louisiana. The high damage cost also took a toll on the line workers deployed to the area, who often worked long hours through meal times. Energy Services South, a PLH company, helped to lift the spirits of these workers with their “Pipeliners Diner,” a specially modified trailer that can pump out fresh, hot meals to tired electric line workers.

Lineworkers gather to eat a hot lunch prepared by the Pipeliners Diner

The Pipeliner Diner served hundreds of meals in the Lake Charles, LA area to workers from Power Line Services, Sun Electric, TESSCO Energy Services, and Auger Services who were working on Hurricane Laura storm repair efforts. PLH Group would like to recognize the hard efforts of these crews as well as those “pipeliners” who generously donated their time to feed them.